Welcome, I am an experienced counsellor offering counselling sessions from my own dedicated therapy room in Tunbridge Wells.

I believe the relationship you build with your counsellor ; one of mutual respect, unconditional positive regard and safety is probably one of the most important aspects of effective therapy. With that in mind it is crucial that you choose a counsellor  that you feel safe and comfortable with. Perhaps that will be  me or perhaps you will decide upon someone else, but take the time to have a look around my site and get a flavour of what I'm all about.  Whatever life throws at us, if we are in touch with our own unique ways of looking at the world and are able to understand why we think and behave in certain ways, we have the power within us to not only cope, but to grow, flourish and live authentically. This can be a painful, surprising and empowering process and it is important that you trust the person walking alongside you whilst you complete this important work.