Next time you are feeling triggered........

Anxiety wants to keep us safe and if you’ve had a traumatic past or perhaps experienced an abusive relationship your anxiety will be hyper-vigilant all of the time, constantly on the lookout for situations similar to your previous experience, but here’s the thing, you don’t have to respond to every situation immediately.

How about you STOP.

Give yourself a moment, an hour, a day, as long as you need, to think about your response and deliver that response when your untriggered parasympathetic system and your thinking brain are back on-line?

Delay - Take a breath and move away from the situation

Distract - Think about or do something else until you feel settled

Decide - What is the appropriate reponse now you hav given yourself some time?

Michelle Brown dip.couns. MBACP is an experienced BACP registered counsellor based in Tunbridge wells